Fruits to You


It’s fruity! It’s healthy! And by golly does it taste good! Figs, plums, pineapple, fruity trail mixes and more. If you’re a fan of the fruits then this is your basket. And to boot half the basket is dairy free as well as Kosher and Parve and the other half is Halal, Vegetarian and Gluten free!



Bow & Filler Color
Blue Blue Forest Green Forest Green Pink Pink Red & Green Red & Green Red Red Yellow Yellow
Optional Decoration
Anniversary or Wedding Anniversary or Wedding Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Girl Baby Girl Birthday Boy Birthday Boy Birthday Girl Birthday Girl Christmas Reindeer (non-religious) Christmas Reindeer (non-religious) Christmas Snowman (non-religious) Christmas Snowman (non-religious) Christmas (religious) Christmas (religious) Congratulations Congratulations Easter Easter Graduation Graduation Halloween Halloween St. Patrick\'s Day St. Patrick's Day Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Valentine\'s Day Valentine's Day
Optional Card
Baby Blank Card with Metallic Border Blank Card with Red & Green Edges Enjoy Get Well Soon Happy Anniversary Happy Birthday Happy Valentine\'s Day Holly Leaves Thank You With Deepest Sympathy
Card Message
Free Thank You Gift
Hot Chocolate Mix Tea Bags Assorted Mix
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What's Included:

  • Dried Figs 2
  • Dried Apricots 2
  • Dried Plums Qty 2
  • Dried Dates Qty 2
  • Dried Cranberries Qty 2
  • Watermelon Soft Twisters Qty 2
  • Buzzworthy Bananas Qty 2
  • Rocky Mountain Munch Qty 2
  • Debbie Loves Fruit Qty 2
  • Strawberry Fields Qty 2

Bow and Decorative Filler Options

Optional Holiday and Special Occasion Decorations

(for just an additional $5.00)

Personalized Card with Every Order!

Choose to include a card and a personalized message for that card.

Free Thank You Gift With Every Order!

Last, don't forget to choose from one of two great FREE thank you gifts for your order.


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